Herring Cove Provincial Park
Golf Course

Welcome to the Herring Cove Provincial Park Golf Course. We are located some
what off the beaten trail, on beautiful Campobello Island , New Brunswick, Canada.
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My name is Bruce van Tassel. I am the Head
Professional and I thought that you might enjoy a guided
tour of our golf course. This is a Geoffrey Cornish design;
it is considered by some to be one of the most challenging
tracks in the Province. We have nine, chalenging double
tee holes that will bring even the best, back to play
againand again
and again.

Hey ! It's me Bruce

Because we have nine holes we use two sets of tee
markers for the men. Players drive from the blue markers
on the front nine and use the white markers on the back
nine. As I'm sure you will notice, there could be a sixty
yard difference, on some holes, between the blues and the
whites. We also use one set of gold tees as our front tees.

                  View of Herring Cove from 1st Tee Starting on the first
         tee you will enjoy the view looking back over Herring Cove,
                   butlet's not get distracted. From the blue tees the hole is a straight
                away 407 yard par four, from the whites it's 388 yards. There are
                   two fairway traps guarding the left side at about 230 yard out. Now
              might be a good time to mention that the course was cut out of a
                   forest and that you can not see any other fairway as you play. This
                     of course means that if you hit a slice or a hook you are in the trees,
                      with the exception of the 8th hole, but we will get there soon enough.
                The green slopes toward you and is slightly two tiered. There is a
                large sloping trap about six feet from the left side of the green, a
                trap guarding the back and another trap wraping around the right
                 side. This is typical of our lay out. Large traps with high banks cut
                close to the greens. To make pars and birdies you have to have a
                       good mid and short iron game. Hitting it straight off the tee helps too.

          View looking toward first green                                 

View from second green back to tee The second hole
 is another straightaway par four: 392 from the blues, 341 from
the whites. There are two traps sitting out at about 230 on the
    right side. A good drive will leave you with an uphill lie. Now the
   tricky part: the green is again well bunkered. One the right and
   one on the left that wraps around to guard the front right side of
      the green. Both traps are only three feet from the putting surface.
     Just to make it interesting, after that good drive that left you with
an up hill lie....it's a blind shot to the green

View of 3rd green from dog leg The third hole,
our first par five. It's 528 yards from the blues but 550 yards
from the whites, dog leg left. The first leg is strait out with a  
trap on the left corner of the leg. A big hitter can drive it over
this trap and get a good look at the green, but you would have
to hit it on the fly 240 yards. Most people hit it down the right
side, this leaves them with a shot up the second leg, but no     
chance of hitting the green in two. Now to hit the green, good  
luck. This green is narrow and long. It is elevated about five  
feet off the ground with traps on the right and left side as well
as in the back. The right and left traps are built on the sides   
of the green with only two to three feet between them
and the green.

View of 4th hole from tee The fourth hole,
my favorite hole. This is a short par four, straight away. There
is a pond that runs down the left side of the fairway that stops 
about 180 yards from the blue tees and about 210 yards from  
the white tees. There is a landing area that stops about 230     
out and is about 70 yards wide. Many golfers hit a long iron to
play safe. This leaves them with a short iron to a large green  
 that slopes toward you. There are traps left and right cut close
  to the green and a large trap right in front. If you want to make
   bride or drive this green you must hit the big stick. Beyond that
    landing area at 230 yards the fairway narrows to about 40 yards
  and anything that lands right of center with a fade (going right)
      will bounce into the woods, but the reward for hitting a good drive
is a pitch of less than 30 yards or a put for eagle.

View of 5th hole from teeThe fifth hole,
our first par three. Our par fours may not be long but our par
    threes are killers. From the blue tees this hole is 227 yards and
 from the white tees it is 195 yards. This hole was built over a
    small valley and from the blue tees you can't see the large pond
     at the bottom. The green is about 20 yards from the pond slightly
    up the other side of the valley. This green is also well bunkered.
One on the right one on the left and one in back, as always    
they are cut close to the green.

From tee of 6th hole The sixth hole,
is a par four, 374 from the blue tees and 352 from the white.
The tee is in a small valley so the first 200 yards are up hill.
The fairway then levels out and your second shot is to an    
 elevated green that slopes sharply from back to front. This   
 hole has only one trap, but don’t let that fool you. Your drive
must carry 200 yards on the fly or you will be faced with an 
uphill lie to a blind green.

From tee of 7th hole On to our next
 and last par three. From the blue markers it’s 177 yards. From
     the white tees it’s 235 yards, also keep in mind that we are on an
      island in the Bay of Fundy, so we almost always have wind, and it
     is almost always in your face on this hole. The green, however is
       the most forgiving on the golf course. It’s flat, not much break and
        large. There are traps on the right and left sides and large mounds
in the back.

From tee of 8th holeNumber eight
is our signature hole.The blue tees 297, the white 261. This is
  a reachable par four. From the elevated tees you look out over
three fairway bunkers placed about 100 yards from the green
  dead center of the fairway. The green is protected by traps left
and right as well as a trap on the front middle. The green is     
  elevated in the back so a shot that is to long will bounce down a
steep bank into the woods. This is a birdie hole, a par here will
lose you a shot to the field.

From tee of 9th hole The nineth hole is a
  straightaway par five: 493 yard from the blues, 522 yards from the
     whites. No tricks here, hit it hard from the tees and you get a chance
    to hit this green in two. There are two fairway bunkers placed about
        200 yards from the blue tees on the right side of the fairway, no sweat.
There is another fairway bunker placed about 50 yards from the  
green on the left side of the fairway, no sweat. There are two very
large traps guarding the entrance to this green one left, one right,
sweating a little. From 250 yards out you have a target of about   
fifteen feet across........what the hell, keep your left arm straight   
and swing hard just in case you hit it.

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Well I hope that you enjoyed your round of golf. We have
a restaurant and a bar so that you may tell your war stories
in comfort. I hope to see you soon.

Bruce van Tassel
Canadian Professional Golfers Association
Herring Cove  Provincial Park
Campobello Island
New Brunswick, Canada
E0G 3H0