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East Quoddy Lighthouse

Locally known as Head Harbour
, the East Quoddy Lighthouse
stands as it had for many years
looking out over the trecherous
waters of the
Bay Of Fundy.

Although now automated, it once
housed the Light Keeper and his
family. Accessible only 1 1/2 hours
before and 1 hour after low tide, it
presented a challenge to all of the
occupants and visitors alike.
Today it remains a welcome site,
or sound depending on the fog,
to fishermen returning to port.
Each year it attracts thousands
of curious visitors. Many take
the time to venture across at low
tide, up and down steel ladders,
over the jagged rocks and
slippery sea weed, to get a
close look at what remains
one of
the most photographed
Lighthouse in the world
It is also a popular vantage
point for
Whale Watching .
The tremendous tidesof the
Bay Of Fundy
churn and swirl
at it'srocky base.

Through the Fundy Fog or
the early morning mist, Head
Harbour Light sounds out a
warning, and a welcoming to

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